Envy are proud to announce, their chosen charity for 2016 will be Plymouth based ‘Hugs From Henry’.

Requested specifically by the staff of the 3 Envy salons, all fundraising will go towards raising awareness and support for children suffering a rare childhood cancer.

Henry Hallam was only 3 years old when his family were told he had stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a form of childhood cancer.  Henry suffered months of gruelling treatments to help save his life, in various locations across the country.

The original charity ‘Hugs For Henry’ was set up to help raise money for treatment available outside the UK, which could be beneficial to Henry.

In 2013, Henry was given the news that his condition is stable. His parents decided to change the charity from ‘Hugs For Henry’ to ‘Hugs From Henry’ – The charity offers any kind of support emotionally and financially for families who find themselves in the same position as the Hallam family did in 2012.

Envy will be hosting a variety of different charity events throughout the year to raise money for their local charity.

More information on Hugs From Henry can be found on the website: http://hugsfromhenry.co.uk/

Charity No: 116138