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Jam or Cream First? 

Claire and Benjamin Stirling of 'Made with maturity' recently started a business networking event called The Cream Tea Club an opportunity to network with other businesses in a relaxed environment over a cream tea.  Tracie Gunningham owner of Envy was delighted to be asked to go along and speak at one of the events which was held at The Moorland Garden Hotel. 

Tracie Gunningham gave an inspirational speech on her personal and professional life, and how the experiences she encountered in both, has moulded her into the successful business woman she is today.

Tracie said ' I have never publicly spoken to so many people before, I was terrified but I think that most people were genuinely interested'.  

Some took to twitter to express how well the Salon owner did..


The Cream Tea Club is a fabulous informal business networking group. To find out more