International Women’s Day. 

A celebration of women who continue to contribute towards social, economic, cultural and political achievement. 

The Duke of Cornwall hotel in partnership with Shekinah Mission, The Eddystone Trust and Trevi House, held an afternoon of cream tea and invited female business leaders to chat  informally to women who are supported by the charities. In the hope to gain an understanding to the challenges faced by vulnerable women in the city but also to inspire the women and help sow seeds around them gaining confidence to move forward in their lives. Tracie Gunningham attended - “I think talking informally over a cup of tea and a scone helps find mutual ground in regards to children, family life, and some difficult things that they may have encountered. It was definitely an eye opener for all parties involved”. 

“The support from the charities involved is fantastic to see. I was glad I could be of assistance, I wish everyone good luck for the future”


Envy supplied goodie bags containing KMS hair products and other treats for each attendee.