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Tracie Gunningham and her assistant Ellie Kittle travelled to London this week to creatively style the hair for a product shoot.

The photo-shoot for ‘Bee’s’ – a London based jewellery company consisted of a team of 12 to create their spring campaign.

Shot at the luxurious Alexander House Hotel and Spa, Tracie and Ellie created four different hairstyles throughout the 13-hour day that started at 5am.

Working closely with a very talent team, the shoot was very successful. Envy can’t wait to see the finished photographs, and share them with you all.


All credits for the photo-shoot are listed below:


Emma Barrow www.emma-barrow.com

Paskali Photography www.paskaliphotography.com

Bree Ferris www.bryanaferris.com

Model: Risha Phukan


Art OfLiza www.artofhenna.co.uk

Marina Aria www.marinaria.com

Hair: Tracie Gunningham & Ellie Kittle – www.envymyhair.co.uk

Make-up: Lipa Makeup www.lipamakeup.com

Bee’s – shopbees.com/jewellery

Location: Alexander House www.alexanderhotels.co.uk



Take a look at our favourite images from our latest photo-shoots, recently published in various magazines. Working closely with photographer Emma Barrow to create new stylish and creative publications. 



Title: The Blackest Day

Team Credits:

Photographer – Emma Barrow – www.emma-barrow.com

Hairstylist – Tracie Gunningham @ Envy Hair – www.envymyhair.co.uk

Hairstylist Assistant – Abbie Webb @ Envy Hair  - www.envymyhair.co.uk

Make up artist – Amber Gunningham

Model – Lili Webster

Stylist – Denista Avramova-Bastable – ID Fashion – www.traditsia.co.uk


ID Fashion – www.traditsia.co.uk

Accept from images (emmabarrow_theblackestday006/007/008/009)

Designer  - Anna Avramova

Title: Crystaline

Team Credits:

Hair Stylist/Make Up Artist: Tracie Gunningham @ Envy - Hair Salon,

Hair Stylist Assistant – Ellie Kittle @ Envy - Hair Salon,

Model - Alina @ Grace Model Management,

Photographer - Emma Barrow Photographer www.emma-barrow.com

Photographer's Assistant: Abbie Evans,

Stylist - Jo Chatterley - Jo Chatterley - Lady C stylist and MUA

Team Credits

Photographer - Emma Barrow www.emma-barrow.com

Model: Grace Elizabeth

 Hairstylist/Make up artist: Kerra Day Envy - Hair Salon,

Hairstylist Assistant: Abbie Webb - Envy - Hair Salon,


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